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Thread: Shawne Marriman Auto

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    Shawne Marriman Auto

    I just pulled a Shawne Merriman Auto RC??? I'm not a big football fan. Is he any good?? It books at $30.00 Its a bowman best one /#999. I also pulled Cadillac Wiliams GU but its goign in my collection.

    Other Autos were Darren Sproles, Chase Lyman, and a Roddy white gu. ALOT OF rookies. LMK if anyone is intrested in this stuff.

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    He won Defensive ROY this year. If your trading, please check my list.

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    Might need the Darren Sproles, whats it numbered to?


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    2005 Sp Authentic Torii Hunter Auto 37/125 what is bv on this?

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    reply, could use the Sproles then, , check my site


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    do you by chance know the bv on it. I dont have a football beckett./

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