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Thread: Looking for this CC Sabathia

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    Looking for this CC Sabathia

    2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Auto

    It is numbered to 25. I am working on this set and this is one of the few cards I am missing. I opened a case of 20 boxes that i bought in 2002 for around $700. looking back now i probably should have sold the boxes but i opened them anyway. I pulled the Pujols,prior, and teixeira, auto and regular versions of the pujols and teixeira and ichiro(several). I got like 15 autos and very few GU out of that case. I also pulled the Josh Beckett auto #/25. If you need some regular rookies email me and i might have some i am looking to purchase any autos i do not have including the sabathia and the soriano auto in that set. Thanks for the help!

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