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    Card Storage Boxes - Where to buy online

    I live in the Arctic Circle and there are no local card shops within a 1000+ miles. One of my new years collecting resolutions was to organize my card room. For that I am looking for 1600ct boxes. Neither of the online card shops that I buy at, carry any storage boxes. Looking at eBay, the shipping prices seem way too high. There are auctions for 1600ct boxes full of cards that have cheaper shipping than the empty storage boxes. Also, all of the sellers are from the USA.
    So what I am looking for, is a way to buy 10+ of 1600ct boxes, or maybe even some 3200ct depending on pricing and availability. Does anyone know of a way to buy these online from a Canadian source?

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    Free Bump....

    I also need some supplies.

    Who in the USA is selling Top-Loaders on eBay that are reasonable?? My stock on the Two-card size is getting slim to none, also need the thicker ones for Artifacts Patches, etc.

    If Anyone has any Two-Card Top Loaders for sale or where I can get some at a reasonable price, please send me a PM. Sorry about the request, not trying to hi-jack your thread.

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    Nearest Walmart is 1000km away in Yellowknife. It's not even a real Walmart. It's like 1/5 the size of a regular walmart.

    I checked BCW Supplies. $182 shipping for 10 x 1600ct boxes. I most likely need a Canadian Supplier.

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