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Thread: Looking for Jake Locker

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    Looking for Jake Locker

    Hey guys. I am looking for anything Jake Locker. I would love to add some McFarlanes to my collection.


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    I don't think they made a Jake Locker McFarlane, but you could get a custom one done. check out Sparkyzsports on fb

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    Well that is disheartening.. Haha. I will check them out. Thanks buddy.

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    Can you post a link to Sparkyzsports on here... I can't find it on facebook...

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    here's his fb:

    and his web page:

    his name is Chuck and he's a really good dude. He's been busy with some stuff so it may take a little time to get back to you, but your patience will be rewarded by his fantastic work and great prices.

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    Sparky does great custom work. I believe he is actually at the Raleigh show this weekend.......I haven't seen any in person but some pics.....GREAT stuff!

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