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    Current or former athletes on SCF??????

    Other than Pat Neshek (a tribute to the TTM world), are there any other current or former minor league, major league, NFL players whom are members here on SCF? and are you willing to sign items for fellow collectors? I really like what Mr Neshek does - exchange one of your duplicates for his autograph. I am just looking to see if anyone else here does that???

    BTW- Mr Neshek, my condolensces to you and your wife!!!!!!!
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    Pat Neshek is on here? I know he's a great TTM'er but that's crazy! Didn't Phil Hughes used to have an account on here?
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    Like the article says, it would stink if people attack or bother those people, but if you're Pat Neshek and you're on this site, I'd love to know who you are and ask ya a few questions...

    ...with that said, I know some players have looked at a few sites like this. Cannot who but I know of 2 for sure. One is in the NBA! That's all I'll say.

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