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    Updated Traders - WTTF Kopitar, Robitaille + Russian Autos

    Decided to make one thread that I can keep going instead of starting new ones.

    Looking for Kopitar and Robitaille Autos but would also consider autos of Dionne, Vachon, Voynov and Clifford as well as Tretiak, Kharlamov, Krutov and Mikhailov autos.

    There is more in my bucket but this is a good start.

    Bryzgalov 06-07 ITG Int'l Ice Auto

    Markov 06-07 ITG Int'l Ice Auto

    Yakushev 05-06 ITG Auto

    Ovechkin Russian RC

    Bernier SPA FW Auto

    Bernier H&P Auto

    Bernier BTP Auto

    Bernier H&P Canada Auto

    Bernier H&P Auto

    Bernier BTP Auto

    Bernier BTP Auto

    Bernier BTP Auto

    Bernier SPGU Rookie Auto /100

    Bernier Young Star Scripts

    Bernier UD Signature Sensations

    Bernier H&P Auto

    Bernier H&P Auto

    Brown BAP Auto

    Brown Supreme RC Auto /375

    Brown Significance Auto /50

    Brown Power Marks

    Brown Inked Sweater /25

    Brown Authentic Fabrics Auto /75

    Brown Significance Auto /25

    Doughty Certified Gold Auto

    Doughty Ice Scripts

    Doughty AutoFacts

    Doughty OPC Premier Sigs

    Doughty Significance /50

    Doughty SPX Winning Materials Auto /50

    Doughty Gemography

    Doughty H&P

    Doughty Superlative Auto/Jsy

    Doughty O Canada Auto

    Doughty H&P

    Doughty BAP RC /99

    Doughty OPC Premier Auto/Jsy /299

    Doughty Young Star Scritps

    Doughty Fresh Threads Auto/Jsy /35

    Doughty Significance /50

    Doughty Inked Sweater /50

    Doughty AutoFacts

    Doughty Ice Black Auto/Jsy

    Doughty Champs Auto

    Doughty Glacial Graphs

    Doughty SPx Auto/Jsy

    Doughty SOTT

    Kopitar All The Kings Men Auto/Jsy

    Quick BTP Auto

    O'Reilly Captains Autos

    Dionne Induction Inks

    Dionne ITG Int'l Auto

    Frolov Trilogy Honorary Swatches Auto /25

    Johnson Young Star Scripts

    Johnson Young Star Scripts

    Johnson UD Signatures

    Johnson Black Auto/Jsy /25

    Johnson Glacial Graphs

    Johnson SOTT

    Johnson BAP RC /99

    Johnson OPC Premier Auto/Jsy /299

    Johnson HP Auto/Patch

    Johnson YG Exclusive /100

    Johnson SPA FW

    Johnson Ultimate Auto /399

    Johnson SPA FW Patch/Auto /100

    Johnson Significance /50

    Johnson Ultimate Auto

    Johnson Sweet Shot Puck Auto

    Johnson Sweet Shot Auto/Jsy /100

    Johnson Ice Scripts

    Johnson Black Auto/Jsy

    Johnson SigSwatches

    Johnson SPGU /100

    Loktionov H&P Auto

    Loktionov H&P Auto

    Loktionov YG

    Loktionov BAP RC /99

    Smyth Trilogy Auto

    Toews Ultimate Auto

    Vachon Limited Auto

    Suter Ice RC

    Suter YG

    Luongo BD RC

    Ovechkin Victory RC

    Robitaile OPC RC

    Chelios OPC RC

    Doughty OPC Retro

    Kovalchuk UD Series 2 RC

    Niemi YG
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    I don't have autos BUT i have....

    Vachon, 08-09 holofoil Rogie Legend insert, (LA photo)
    Voynov- Pinnacle rook
    Clifford- Bl Diamond triple diamond rook
    a Niiiiiiice SP 11-12 Certified Kopt DIe cut GU of his number
    01-02 UD Challenge for the Cup Kovalchuk rook
    12-13 OPC Jordan Nolan rook and a retro

    wants are in my sigg
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    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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