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Thread: IP Jeter story

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    IP Jeter story

    Got a kick out of how the press covered Derek Jeter IPs at Spring Training! Here it is:
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
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    Hidden Content

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    Thanks for sharing this... loved reading this story. I used to go down to spring training every year when my grandparents lived in Florida. It was always fun when a star player would emerge and the possibility of them stopping to sign would rush over you. Getting Ripken IP was an amazing feeling, Greg Maddux too... many other greats. I'll never forget McGwire skipping right over me during a rare occasion that he stopped to sign towards the end of his playing career. Great memories. IP graphing is a lot of fun!

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    Man awesome article, thanks for sharing. I must ask the question though, is it really worth it? lol

    "Like serfs seeking scraps from the lord of the manor, signature-starved adults line up, typically starting about 3 a.m. every morning, outside of the New York Yankees complex in Tampa. They're anticipating the arrival of Jeter, who is rehabbing his broken ankle."

    That's crazy.

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