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Thread: Photo copyright release form?

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    My understanding from researching it a bit online is that some photographer brought his photos in and had a store print them. He then sued them and won, even though he trapped them into it. So now alot of the big boxes are doing this stupid copyright release thing, or just not giving you the photos at all unless you have a signed release from the photographer. First of all, if somebody comes in and wants 20, 50, 100 prints of the same thing, then I completely see their point. The guy is clearly doing something with all those photos of the same thing. But some poor schmuck like any of us printing the one-off 8X10 to get signed and hang off our wall? I personally don't see why that's such a bid deal to anybody, including the photographer. The second the internet became what it is today, this sort of thing was bound to happen. I suppose the chains feel like have to protect their butts and there are big fines if they are caught. But seriously, for what we all do with the stuff, it's just a pain in the neck. I will probably start having mine shipped to me, because I heard 2 or 3 other similar stories just yesterday at an autograph show. It's a pain, because sometimes signings come up at the last minute and shipping isn't really convenient.

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    I was wondering about this. People tell me the best place is Costco and they don't ask about copyright is this true. Thanks Chris

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    I've printed literally 100s of 8x10s at Costco and never been bothered. in fact the photo people know me now and have my order pulled from the pile as soon as they see me coming

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    walmart and walgreens have even tried it with me with pics i have taken myself

    i always deal with rite aid never bother me

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