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Thread: Tons of new cards

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    Tons of new cards

    Check my sale trade page and lmk what u liked

    Only trading for DJ mbenga

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    i have a Dj Mbenga Topps Chrome Rookie Lmk If You Need it Thanks
    Collecting All Current Oakland raiders Primarily Carr, Mack, Cooper, Crabtree, Also any Legend or HOF raider players as well.
    Just getting back into the Hobby so not much tradebait right now, PC has become available if anyone is interested.
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    Please NOTE: Photobucket is not updated, Only PC cards are accurate anything else has been traded or sold thanks

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    How can I help you when you only want one particular player who barely plays? I collect stud certified ballers like AK-47, despite the fact that Nenê remains the greatest untapped potential in the league!

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    Nene not everyone likes to collect the best players. Maybe offer to buy from him, so he can fund the Mbenga collection instead of ripping on him and bragging about who you collect? Not really trying to stir anything just pointing that out.

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