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Thread: 91 Special Stadium Club Set

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    91 Special Stadium Club Set

    I just picked this up with a lot of other stuff and wanted to see if anyone knew a BV. It has 200 cards and comes in a plastic stadium. The box and everything is in very nice condition and in the set there is a Manny Ramirez, Brien Taylor and some other nicer rookies.

    Any idea on it's worth and if anyone would be interested in trading for or buying it?


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    Brien Taylor is a "nice rookie"?

    I think it books at $15. You're talking about the "Dome" set, right? It comes in a metal box that looks like a stadium?

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    I have a set also ... last time I knew .... it was worth around $20

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    bummer, thought it would be worth more. i figured the manny would book that much. oh well. thanks.

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    and i know that brien taylor didn't do anything, but i remember it being his first card or something.

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