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Thread: Shipping Problems

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    Shipping Problems

    Hey everyone,
    So I recently completed a trade with a SCF user from the USA and therefore the package had to come through customs. I know through a buddy who works Canada Border Services that in the mail section they will scan and/or open anything they deem a suspicious package. The package was labeled as a hockey card and still the package appears to have been opened and the card taken out. Now I get the package today and there is a large crease along the top of the card. I know it wasn't the SCF user that I traded with fault because there is also a large crease in the top loader in the exact same spot as the card. Has anyone had something similar happen and is there anything I can do about it? Its not like its a huge big money card its a 2012-13 Upper Deck Young Guns Jordan Nolan. I'm more so just pissed at the whole way that Border Services handled the card and want to know make sure it doesn't happen again to a more $$$ card.
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    Stop using customs forms. Americans get $350.00 Duty Free, no questions asked, you don't have to declare a damn thing.

    Just get the correct postage and send it. As soon as you identify something worth stealing, it will be stolen.

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