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    Bought a tin & some blasters all FT

    1st bought a 12/13 UD tin 1st time I bought a tin and didnt have a game jersey (that suck)
    all FT will look at buckets and trade list

    12/13 UD=
    #207 T.Turnbull
    #219 R.Smith
    #242 M.Watkins

    #C12 R.Miller
    #C91 T.Krug YG

    Hockey Heroes-
    #HH30 B.Trottier

    #16 T.Hall
    #35 B.Schenn

    Silver Skates-
    #SS24 J.Schwartz

    Winter Classic-
    #WC-3 B.Schenn

    ***Day With The Cup***=
    #DC-27 L.Robitaille

    12/13 Cert.-
    certified signatures Maxime Sauve

    (Football) 12" R&S -
    #8 rookie coll. A.J. Jenkins GU-jsy (white)

    (Basketball) 07/08 Topps -
    #3 variations D.Wade GU-jsy (black)

    99" Edge #RR-27 Bobby Lazor auto
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    I Do BV For BV Only Don't care SV Sorry

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    You did get a day with the cup. In the past those have been gone for $60 for a common.

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    bidou- have a bucket or trade list
    zuback- Thinking about putting it on ebay. And last year common is $80. and he's a semistar too
    I Do BV For BV Only Don't care SV Sorry

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