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    Violence Against Women Act

    As a husband and a father of 3 girls I am certainly for the VAWA, but I find a few things strange;

    why would these laws simply be laws and not needed to be voted on?

    an article in my local paper reads

    to renew the VAWA with new assurances that gays, lesbians, immigrants and Native American women will have equal access
    homosexual is not gender specific, where lesbian refers to females and gays to male, (as in LGBT)so now we consider homosexual males as women??? I am confused with that statement.

    then this quote;

    provide justice to the most vulnerable among us
    did we not just allow them rights to combat? they must not be that vulnerable

    now on a more serious side, we are hearing the the republicans don't want to pass it, when it reality they are again asking for just one change. they tried to get it passed via two different amendments and were shot down both times, it is funny how it is being played as their fault.

    here is the one thing they want changed,

    there is a provision that allows tribal courts to prosecute non-indians ACCUSED of assaulting Indian Women on reservations. this is an obvious violation of American's Constitutional rights. they do not want to allow the accused to go free, but be tried in our court system. I am unsure why this got blocked twice.

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    Not until you get that bit about the tribunals changed. I live on the land of a tribe that has "self governance" meaning they can create and destroy laws at will with no consideration to our constitution. Basically, I feel like I live in another country...and I don't even get to vote for who makes those decisions. It really sucks.

    That sounds like step 1. Don't do it.

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