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    Looking for Tips to Graph the Rangers and Royals at ST

    I am trying to get James Shields, Billy Butler, Nelson Cruz and Derrick Holland. Is there a "hot spot" that that ST ballpark? Any advice would be nice. Thanks guys

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    good luck! The Royals are very good signers. I know that because they are my team and I graph them all the time. As always, do not look like a dealer when getting autographs. Wear the Rangers/Royals apparel. Don't ask them to sign more than 1 item because that is rude. Don't ask them to sign in a particular spot. Don't have duffel bags full of stuff. Make sure you have sharpies for photos/cards and ballpoint pens for balls. Let the kids have their autographs first. I have never been to spring training but I assume most players sign outside of the entrance to the complex as well as near the dugouts. I know Billy is a good signer but I don't know about Shields since he is new. I have gotten Billy several times.
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    Last year, I got Shields in Spring Training when he was on Rays after he was done pitching for the done. He signed for anyone that wanted one, although I do think he was one per.

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    Holland is pitching in the WBC so he likely won't be around much

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