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    It's Not A Rant. It's a Question.

    Hey guys! I have something to say. It's not a rant, it's a question. I do sincerely apologize if it comes out as a rant though as I have no intentions of that. I am simply a tad confused and I believe there will be plenty of responses to this.

    So I have been on this fantastic site since September. For those who don't fancy doing simple math that is approximately 5 months. In this time I have managed to make about 100 trades. I say that's pretty good. The only thing is, it took a lot of messages and talking. I feel like about 3/4 of the time I got simply shut down. This means someone just says "nothing I like there."

    Now that is fine if you have a specific player you like to collect, I respect that. But how come no one seems to ever trade just for the fun and the fact that you are helping someone out? I barely ever NEED a card, I just love trading and seeing how I can advance my collection. I really wish more people did this. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I am far from it. I just wish sometimes people would consider trading because we are all fellow collectors. People do trade because of this but not all. I feel like so many people want to trade only if they are getting exactly what they want, not a lot of people are willing to bend a bit such as not always trade by BV.

    I hope I am not being hypocritical, I am aware of my stubbornness

    I have also found not many people are willing to trade, which is also fine, you wanna make some money. I do too.

    So there is my question, why do a lot of people tend to be like this? I respect everyone on this site and love it! I don't want to cause any harm and I hope everyone recognizes that.

    Thanks for looking and comments are much appreciated. If anyone wants to trade, please lmk!

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    If I have a card available for trade, it doesn't really do me much good to trade it away for another card that I will simply be looking to trade. Costs money, time, and then I have to go through the process all over again.

    I try to help out a collector if I know they want something of mine for a PC item, but unless it's for a card that is for my PC or at least something that I know I can move quickly, then there's no real benefit for me. Is it nice to help others and do swaps for the heck of it? Sure. But my traders box is full of stuff that I would like to get rid of, and adding different cards to that box doesn't really do me any favours.

    This can apply largely to lower end deals, say $25 or less. I have tons of those types of cards, and they're usually slow to move. If I have a higher-end card available that I know many will want, how does it benefit me to trade it for something I don't want when I can hold out for something that I actually do want?

    I don't consider this to be a selfish approach, but it is certainly a self-interested approach, to trading.

    I'm a guy that has a pretty specific set of collecting interests - it's a small pool of maybe 5-10 players and they all come from the same (very popular and hobby valued) team, with a couple of side projects along the way. If I have a really nice card of Player X, and I look through your bucket and find only cards that I think have lesser appeal than Player X, it's just not going to work out.
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    Trading to Canada isn't as cheap as it used to be for us U.S. collectors. Some post offices will let you get away with sending a thin bubble mailer as non-machinable, but mine considers every bubble mailer as a package so it costs $7.00 to send 1 card across the border. It's just not worth it to trade stuff that I don't want for other stuff that I don't want. I used to do non-PC trades to Canada all the time, but not anymore!!

    If it is a collector from the U.S. on the other hand, I will make non-PC trades with them because it will only cost me around $2.00 to send the package.

    This might be the problem that you're having with many U.S. collectors.

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    Sir, I have 80+ cards here that I don't care about...............

    I also have a 50+ hour per week job and a family. Trades are WORK. Honestly, it's easier just giving them away, I can do it on my time and schedule.

    Feel free to take a look tho, if you want one or two just lemme know, if you want to make a trade tho I hope you have a lot of junky late 90's Canucks base cards lying around hahahahaaaa.
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    I have been lately trading for non pc stuff if someone needs pc stuff off my list. But it's only because im taking a significant less portion cards in return though (trading up) and if they are a U.S. trader as well. Because as Rich has said it "Costs money, time, and then I have to go through the process all over again." Plus im moving in the future so im looking to haul less junk with me as well. Plus 72 trades in 5 months comes out to about 1 every 2 days. I think thats a decent amt to begin with.
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    I have been wondering why my trading has almost come to a stop as I used to trade so much, but a lot of them were with a few specific traders who had a wide range of traders, but they have now left the site. I have also narrowed my collecting to my team, Bruins, not unlike a lot of other collectors, Habs, pens, leafs etc...The problem with that is the only way to have any traders is to break expensive wax, but even if I pull a nice Habs card, the odds of trading it for what I want in a Bruins cards are low, so i just buy exactly what I want off Ebay for fairly reasonable prices. I think trading is mainly for people who can afford breaking wax and like to complete a certain set. The lockout didn't help either, as the Young Guns seems to be the staple for trading and buying a few boxes are affordable, but this year its not really worth it.
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    I have no problem trading for new bait and often do. The only thing is, it has to be worthwhile. I have minor PCs so I can even out trades to make them work, or have more options for a collector who really needs something I have, but there comes a point where switching up trade bait just isn't worth the time, money and effort. I also find that when you make a high end card available you get a lot of "check my bucket"s with no cards higher than $30bv. I have no problem with someone simply take a shot in the dark, but you start to realize a lot of people are actively hoping to rip you off or have you split the card up for a bunch of worthless cards. Once you realize that, all those offers start looking the same, and there are a lot of them.

    When I was just back into the hobby for a few months, I had the same complaint you do. Three years later, it's still annoying but I've found myself having to do the same thing and it's a necessary evil. If I've responded like that I apologize, but those are my reasons.

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    I will be honest here. I do trade a good amount myself I think. I like to trade my bait for more bait.

    With that being said I looked through your traders and the only card that I would be interested in would be your Tavares Ultimate auto. You also only have 25 cards available for trade with no higher end cards. This is not a knock to your collection at all. I am just saying that I could get that Tavares auto for $15-20 off of eBay. It is not worth it for me to trade for just that one card. It will cost me at least three dollars to ship my card to you. Even at best if I get a $20 card from you it is still not worth my time.

    Now if you had a couple of cards that I like and we can make a three for three trade and I would be happy with that.

    I would much rather just sell you the card and then save up a bit of paypal and buy something nice.

    Once last thing. I would do a one for one trade for say your Tavares is the card that you would be getting from me will be a PC card for you. Then I know that I am helping you out.

    I am just not wanting to swap an apple for an orange and having it cost me three dollars and wait time. I would rather just keep my card and sell it for $15 rather than make a trade where I send my $15 and $3 shipping for your $20 card.

    Sorry not meaning to be a jerk but if you want to make a lot of trades gather up a lot of local people and get together once a month or so. Ask your local card shop(s) if they would be willing to help spread the word for you. Even ask if they will have it at their store. They just might sell some boxes when everyone is there. Trading without having to pay for shipping I will do as many deals as possible.
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    Well I think a big factor is, you have to realize, most people on this site have full time jobs. Trading is a lot of work and mix in a full time job, with kids to take care of and your on activities. It leaves hardly any time for other stuff. I know you have a ton of free time and stuff because we're kids :P, but you gotta kinda look from both perspectives on this matter. And I also agree with habscards, you might need to have a few more traders in order to make the amount of trades it seems you want to make.

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    I am exclusively a trader and I don't think it is unreasonable for the other SCF member to want something they need or good trade bait in return. When I make a trade offer I accept that half the time it won't go anywhere, even when I have taken plenty of my valuable time searcing the traders of others. However, those who choose not to answer my PMs or start telling me what my cards sell for on EBay earn a one way trip to my ignore list.

    Update: The member who started this thread is his own worst enemy. I decided to try and help him out so I check out his small bucket and did find a card I want. I PMed him an offer and this is the message I received in return "Hey, thanks for the message. I really appreciate it! The card is my bro's to sell but he said he can trade. Could you message me in about and hour and I will get him to cyb?" I now doubt I will ever hear back from him and when he tries to contact me in the future he will probably wonder why he is on my ignore list.
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