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    200 FRANK THOMAS CARDS-Rookies-Inserts-Game Used

    Great LARGE lot of cards here for someone-Below is just a part list of what your getting-
    Game Used Card-2001 UD SPX Winning Materials Frank Thomas-White jersey-with stripe-And Magglio Ordonaz Black jersey card
    5-1990 topps RC
    1-1990 Topps RC Graded PSA 9
    Over 150 Base star cards-From about every card company out there-And fifty or so mopre inserts-Like Split Screen Finest Refractor-With Franks side being the refractor version-And a SN # Diamond Kings Gold Foiled card #05952/10000 and Topps Chrome Power Brokers Die Cuts-Circa Limited-Leaf Fast Track-UD Future Heroes-Black diamond-UD CC Golds-Fleer Lumber Company-Leaf Aggressive and others from this insert set-Score Star Gazing-Fleer Team Leaders-Thomas and Tom Selleck insert-UD Prime 9-E-Card-UD On Deck-Spirit Of The Game-The Big Show-Donruss Long Ball Leaders-Ultras-Ionix-And just so mannnny more nice inserts-All im looking for-
    would be that of a vintage star baseball players game used or autoed or both-Or even the same of todays star players or even there RC or even UN-OPEND newer cards
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