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Thread: HCDIC Wants

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    HCDIC Wants

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for the following National Hockey Card Day in Canada cards:
    2, 4(x2), 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15
    I'm also looking for the Iginla, Sakic, Crosby and Schwartz Jumbos

    Not looking to trade 1 card for all of these, but I'm am hoping to land these in 1 or 2 trades.

    Let me know what you have!

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    I have all the 5x7s available... looking for Flyers and/or anything from my wantlist (links in my sig)... shoot me a PM if interested

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    I have all the regular cards you need...lmk if you like to work something out

    Serial #d cards /25 or less
    HOF(any jsy) or First Liners & Goalies (in current team jsy) serial #d /99 or less

    Old School Rare Inserts/Box or Case Hits Any Player
    Young Guns of Great Players and High Prospects
    CURRENT TRADE LISTS Hidden Content

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    If you want to work out something local I've got the Iggy & Sakic jumbos available.
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    Got 2, 6, 8, 12, 15. In Vancouver. Will take most anything. I collect a variety of sets. Old and new.
    Hidden Content Wants: Any GU net cards, GU all star jsy, Int'l jsy, Capt C jersey and patch cards. Want Top shelf Goalie Gear:Osgood (skate)!
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    Sent a couplePMs out. Everyone else, thanks. If these don't work I'll knock on your door next.

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    I've got most of what you need. Lemme know if you still need any. Looking for Leafs in return, thanks.

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