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    2013 Baseball Spring Training In Person Success

    Wanted to start this for everyone to share their success for In Person Signings at Spring Training games. Please feel free to share any tips for good locations at Venues to get autographs.

    From my past experience the Atlanta Braves did not sign during the games that I attended last year. However after the games if you go behind the stadium you can wait by the fence and catch the players walking to their cars. I was lucky enough to attend the Yankee game last year and A-Rod stopped and signed for a few fans.

    Please Share

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    I went to Phillies practice on Monday in Clearwater and I was able to snag Cole Hamels and Dominic Brown. Overall, the autographs were scarce as Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins were the only other ones signing, and Jimmy only signed for a few minutes, while Howard only signed about 5 autographs.

    I'll be at their game on Saturday and I hope to at least get Howard. Once I get him, I'll probably be done with the Phillies this spring.

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    Went to Blue Jays camp on Sunday. Got nothing during practice. Got Jose Reyes and a few minor league guys leaving the stadium

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    Went to Mets camp for the past 3 days and cleaned up

    David Wright x2(8x10 and ball)
    Ike Davis X6 ( 11x14, game used batting gloves signed, 8x10 x2 and a card)
    Zack Wheeler x 5 ( cardsx4 and 1 ball)
    Travis D'arnaud x9 ( cards x 6 and balls x3
    Matt Harvey x 5 ( 11x14, 8x10 x 3 and cards x 2)
    Jordany Valdespin x 4( 8x10 x 3 and 1 card
    Jeurys Familia x 7 ( 8x10's x 3 & cards x4)
    Daniel Murphy x 6 ( 8x10's x2 & 4 cards)
    Lucas Duda x 7 ( 8x10's x3, cards x3 and 1 ball
    Mike Baxter x2 ( 8x10 x2)
    Kirk Nieuwhenhuis x 2 ( 1 game used bat & 1 8x10)
    Ruben Tejada x 6 ( 8x10's x2 & 4 cards)
    Justin Turner x 5 ( cards x5)
    Zach Lutz x 2 ( 8x10's x2)
    Wimer Flores x2 ( cards x2)
    Wilfrado Tovar x 4 (cards x4)
    John Buck x5 (cards x5)
    Collin Mchugh x 6 ( 8x10's x2 & cards x4)
    Robert Carson x 2 ( 8x10's x2)
    Jeremy Hefner x2 ( 8x10's x2)
    Josh Edgin x2 (8x10's x2)
    Dillon Gee x 5 ( 8x10 x 1 & 4 cards)
    Matt Den Dekker x 5 ( cards x5)
    Juan Largares x 3 ( cards x3)

    But No Johan Santana.

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    Been going to M's and Padres camp and have gotten almost every big name guy on each. My best success may have been getting Joe Torre at M's camp a few days ago.

    Peoria is a good place to graph at games as they have Autograph Alley and many players stop. The Reds and Indians have autograph days where they'll have some guys signing. Two years ago Yonder Alonso was one of the players and he was the Reds #1 Prospect at the time.

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    I've been going to Florida Spring Training for the last 6 years and can share some info. on a few teams.

    Phillies: Inside the stadium the best sections to get Phillies are in sections 120-119 near the left field pole. Phillies normally sign 15-20 minutes before the game in that area. The Phillies used to sign in the 5th or 6th inning down the left field side when they were done playing in the game, however towards the end of the last spring training, they started leaving from a separate exit closer to the dugout. I'm not really sure how that's going to work this year. For visitors, the best spot to go is in between home plate and the away dugout. They'll sign there in that cutout when they're done hitting for BP.

    Blue Jays- A pretty simple place to get autographs. For Blue Jays, go all the way down the right field line and for visitors, go down the left field line. Additionally, near the end of the left field line there's an area where you can get visiting team players where the players come out. There's a caged fence between you and the players which can make it very difficult to hand a player an item if it gets crowded since there isn't a lot of room.

    Pirates- The best spot to get autographs for visitors is outside the stadium. The players come in and out of the stadium by what would be between 3rd base and the left field pole in relation to the front of the stadium, The players must walk past you to get inside the stadium which makes it relatively easy to get visiting players. Inside the stadium, the Pirates can be gotten all the way down the right field line where their clubhouse is.

    I hope this information helps!
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    I've gone to clearwater, bradenton, tampa, sarasota, and dunedin for each of the past few years and cleaned up.

    This year in 3 weeks I am trying my hand at arizona (new crop of players)

    to the guys that got arod and reyes, nicely done.

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    Houslerfan1 are you selling any of those mets autos?

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    Went to Braves vs. Tigers night game. Tigers didn't sign pre game didn't look like they signed much after the game either. Braves players left early and no starters signed after the game. Went to the Braves vs. Marlins game and got Tyler Pastornicky and Jordan Schafer leaving as the game started. Also got Pitcher Cristian Martinez. All minor league players have been stopping to sign for fans who have asked nicely, they walk across the practice fields behind Champion Stadium so you can walk right up to them. It seems that this year the best time to get the Braves starters is early in the morning when they arrive. Jason Heyward was a given last year but did not stop at all this year.

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