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    02-03 Ovation base set doubles for CC

    I have a lot of doubles from the 02-03 Ovation base set (22/90 cards), BV?, should be at least $20. Cards include Vince, MJ, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen + lots more superstars. I'm looking for any offers and will sell it to the best offer. LMK.

    P.S. I'm going away for a couple of days, so post your offers and I'll get back to you on thursday. Thanks!

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    I'm looking to sell all 22 cards, but if not I'll let you know. If I just sold single cards, people would just take the great players such as MJ and T-mac, and leave out James Posey and Pau Gasol. Besides, the T-mac card is not included in the lot. But I can tell you that out of the 22 cards, 17-19 cards are actually of good or very good players such asJamal Mashburn, Sam Cassel, Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis, Elton Brand, Desmond Mason, Cuttino Mobley, etc.Anyways, I'll see what other offers I get and will let you know. Thanks.

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    By the way, the MJ card alone has a BV of $8, so even for just that card without T-mac, I would want more than 25 CC. Also, if you're interested in T-mac, I'll be posting a T-mac lot of a bunch of cards, so watch out for that.

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