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    paying $$$ for 2011 chrome Adrian Clayborn red refractor

    2011 Topps chrome Adrian Clayborn RED refractor.
    The last card I need for the set, I will pay well for it.

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    My best bet ever to finish a large diffucult set, I need this 1 red refractor. I normallyu only sell, and do not collect, but this is an exception. The only other "rare" set I ever tried to complete was the 2000 fleer gold medallion set. Needless to say, that is nothing compared to this. Anyone who is trying to complete the red refractor set from 2011, if you are more than a few away, you know you'll never finish. Sell me your Adrian Clayborn, and you'll know you helped at least 1 person succeed :)
    I will pay TOP dollar for this card. I will pay OVER full book.

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