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Thread: looking for Cody Hodgson

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    looking for Cody Hodgson

    Hey peeps, looking tp pick up some more Hodgson stuff...have lots of nice new autos and game used in my bucket. Will do international trades but would prefer them to be bigger (50 BV +) with the insane new shipping rates, so I would be glad to check buckets for other Sabres needs in hopes of making a bigger trade. Please post here or drop me a PM!


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    I have a Pinnacle RC/AU for trade... looking for a single Flyers card of equal value
    I'd check your bucket but the link takes me to the login page

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    Sorry about that, lets try this:

    Should work now!
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    Only card I can use is the Richards Red Hot /50... send me a PM if you want to try and work something out

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