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Thread: topps magics needs and traders

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    topps magics needs and traders

    need these

    here is what i have to trade....
    i have some base not a whole luck wilson or morris
    sps i have to trade..247,261,274
    rookie enchantment ...relk...remc..remf..rekw..real..retr..rekw..resh ...rems...luck will be a little harder to get
    the little tiny tiny minis..i think they are like 1948 minis....doug martin,,von miller,lesean mccoy,darren mcfadden
    black border minis...90,195
    pigskin mini numbered to 50....105
    blue minis....76,149,216

    i have a bunch of minis im on the fence whether or not to do the mini set

    Also have these autos from magic....mike wallace...jacquizz rodgers...demaryius thomas...
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    I've got 230 (P. Manning) & 241 (Josh Freeman). The Fleener 1942 Mini I kinda like. LMK

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    fllener 42 mini....for it up

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    frizzle need a little more than that for the rg3

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeltowninwv View Post gonna do the mini i need bunches
    Check out my thread for mini's, and I put the other trade in the mail yesterday.

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