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    How Should I Go About

    How should I go about finding a local card shop. I know theres none in my city, few towns over theres one at the mall but they basically just sell that magic cards. Should i just go to yellowpages online to try to find one within a decent amount ride?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theucanes
    Sets Workin On
    05 Throwback Threads
    I have a bunch of stuff from this set. Anything specific you need?

    here is a website that might help you locate a store close to where ever you may be.

    find a store by you

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    Thanks for the link gonna check it out now, just actually finished throwback today now lookin for topps all american if u have any of them pm me.

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    I found some card shops in my area by using
    They used to have a page on there where you could search for the hobby shops near you.
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