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Thread: Looking for Kobe Bryant RC's

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    Looking for Kobe Bryant RC's

    Let me know if you have any to sell or trade.

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    i have some that I could sell. I have a nice BGS 8.5 skybox RC that I would part with for the right amount of dough. Also have 1 ulta and 1 topps I could sell.

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    how much for the ultra and topps Rc individually

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    also on your trade list it says you have a hoops and upper deack RC, would those be available as well to buy

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    For the Ultra RC i would ask for $4.75 and the Topps one 3.50. Together I could do $7.50 delivered.

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    I have a 1996 edge "key kraze" kobe bryant rc csa9-mint
    I can email a scan if your interestd

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    sounds like a deal, post the trade and I will confirm and send first.

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    flex-how much you selling for or trade if you want.

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