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Thread: Buying high end tonight!!

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    Buying high end tonight!!

    Hey all. I recently ran a buying promotion on here for low-end Game Used and Autos and bought over $400 worth of cards. I'm currently buying for a show this upcoming weekend and was looking to buy some higher-end ($30+ individual cards) for baseball, basketball and football. I can pay 70% - 75% of eBay values, and I can have payment out to you tonight. Interested in anything and all that you have!


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    click my link. hit you up but did not have this link

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    I have these if interested

    Freeman /25 =75.00 dlvd

    Alex Green /10 =24.00 dlvd

    Patrick Willis Rc /199 =42.00 dlvd

    James /10 =17.50 dlvd

    Hunter Super Rare! /10 =19.00 dlvd

    Montana Rare version stamp /100 =18.00 dlvd
    Haven't touched my photo bucket for over 2 years since they changed it around where I cant do what I used to so most of it is gone and I have so much more inventory now and so much more higher end stuff!! Just ask or check out my ebay page to get an idea and see some.
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    PM's responded to! Made 3 deals between here and another site for $245+!

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    60 dlvd.

    Plus i have this mathews pc, havent updated in awhile wouldnt mind getting rid of some of them let me know if you wanna work something out

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    feel free to cmb and lmk if anything interests you
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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