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Thread: FS: 2013 Total Memorabilia

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    FS: 2013 Total Memorabilia

    Opened a box today and per usual got next to nothing. I would like to unload everything for $30 shipped or you can pick out cards individually. Not everything is listed, scans upon request.

    Josh Berry rising stars auto 40/99
    Clint Bowyer Firesuit/glove/shoe 04/99
    Bobby Labonte sheetmetal/glove.shoe 77/99
    David Ragan seat belt/fireproof shirt 170/199
    Jeff Burton sheetmetal
    Danica Patrick #41 34/99
    Earnhardt Jr Gold #12 084/275
    Johnson Gold #19 099/275
    Truex Jr. #35 63/99
    Smooth Operators..Jr,Johnson,Edwards,Martin,Burton
    Memory Lane..Jr,Harvick,Petty,Gordon,Allison
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    Rough break, sorry man. Got an individual price on the JJ/Danica #'d cards?

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    The Danica may be my biggest hit even with the memorabilia cards, lol. On feebay last one sold for $13, I can do $10 shipped on the pair.

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    I sent a PM about the Danica & Dale Jr, a day or 2 ago, didnt you get it ?!?!?!?
    Howdy, I mainly coll. Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr, Danica & Walter Payton, Peace from Jupiter !!

    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

    I collect cards with a US flag on them or US flag themed, Santa cards, cards in my PC of drivers & players that I don't collect will have a flag somewhere on it

    My Space Coll., Spiderman & Wolverines, & My Creations can be seen here: Hidden Content

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    If all are still available, I will take it for $30. Post it up and I will need your paypal addy. Thanks.


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    Price on this one...
    Bobby Labonte sheetmetal/glove.shoe 77/99
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Patches/Autos


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    Lot is pending, if it falls through will pm prices individually. Thanks.

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