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Thread: Reality 1, Boehner 0

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    Reality 1, Boehner 0

    We're down to just nine days before brutal sequestration cuts kick in, undermining the economy, the military, and public needs. At this point, it'd be a mistake to suggest the bipartisan talks have stalled, since there no talks -- Democrats have unveiled a sequester alternative, and Republicans have not; Democrats have said they're open to compromise, and Republican have said they aren't. The probably of avoiding next week's mess is quickly approaching zero.

    With this in mind, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has a 900-word op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on the subject, devoted almost entirely to a desperate attempt to avoid blame. In the larger context, it's only mildly annoying that Boehner invests more energy in pointing fingers than working on a solution, but it's far worse that the Speaker peddles blatant falsehoods, lacking enough respect for the public and the political world to be honest with them.

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    The more i read on this topic I see plenty of blame to go around. The real fact is we need to cut ALL spending....and raise revenues! NO matter how you look at it we need to run a true surplus for years to even Think we can pay off the debt no matter where it came from. Just so you know we still have yet to pay the remaining bill for WWII....a thought to ponder....
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    Did alex write that piece? Haha.

    Seriously though, I feel kind of bad for Boehner. He's a puppet and I don't think he likes it one bit. I think if he were actually allowed to sit down with President Obama and use his own brain, this would have been solved long ago. Boehner has no real power. Her defers to party heads and parrots what they tell him to say. He is the chosen "Republican whipping boy". Republican heads tell him what to do, he does it and takes the blame publicly. He seems to scared to do anything else, lest he lose his job, and we're stuck with what I think is a smart guy doing stupid, stupid things. I don't think he likes the things he does, but he sacrifices his ideals for a high level position. It's sad, really.

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