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    Back into the hobby after a few years. 3 box break for trade

    Hi all, it's been a few years since I've done this, but i'm eager to get back into the hobby full swing. To start off, i broke 3 boxes:

    2012 Certified
    2012 Rookies and Stars
    2011 SPA

    All the cards are for trade and images in my bucket.

    I'll be acquiring my full collection again in a few weeks when im able to get back home. until then, i'd like to make some starter trades...

    let me know. Thanks

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    I like the Ponder Auto and the T Rich Jumbo here is some stuff I have pictures of but got plenty more if you let me know who you like. Thanks.

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    CMB on the LaMichael James auto. I still have to update my bucket a bit, so let me know what you collect as well.

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    i have a new account, so i won't be able to see buckets until i get to 10 threads. until then if you wouldn't mind leaving a link, id appreciate it.

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    I will get in line on the Lamichael James Auto and Trent Richardson Jersey as well.



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