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    I have this baseball which was thrown to me by Pete Orr on Opening Day last year and I'm not sure whether or not I should get it signed by him so I thought I'd leave it up to everybody here.

  2. Kronozio
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    Well, I voted yes. But when i voted i figured you had the intent on keeping the baseball. Which you may or may not.


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    If you can get it signed, why not?? If your going to keep it, which you should b/c that sort of thing is "special" to most people, that would make it all that much better for your collection.


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    oh, ofcoarse I'm going to keep it; it's just that it's a really nice baseball and I'm not sure if I wanted him to sign it or not

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    I voted to go ahead and have it signed. Although it is a pretty nice baseball, what would you do with it if it wasn't signed?

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    leave it unsigned, if ur looking to sell or get it signed if u kepping it

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    get it signed, otherwise who would care about it anyway? You can buy MLB baseballs by the box.

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