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Thread: US Address on eBay?

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    US Address on eBay?

    Hey everyone,
    My sister is going to be living in the States for the next couple of months and has kindly let me use her address to send my US only purchases. I added the US address to my account(not as my primary address though), but how does checkout change? Also, will I still be restricted from bidding on auctions where sellers automatically block all non-US bids?

    Any help from someone who has both a Canadian and American mailing address would be great, thanks!

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    Really? Not one person here uses a mailing address from a different country?

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    I've got a buddy who does it. He lives in a border town.... and has a PO Box (or something) on the other side of the boarder. Uses seperate accounts though.
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    I live on a border town, have both mailing addresses. In order to bid on those blocking Canadians I simply change my primary to the US one, then place my bid. Only thing to be careful of is changing the primary address back and forth for the sellers to invoice you properly. All on same account over 1000 feedback at 100%.

    My USA address has also been verified by paypal so that doesn't hurt me either.

    Now working on another aspect regarding the ebay bucks earned. May have to re-register with ebay making my US account my initial primary, but haven't started this process yet. Think ebay bucks end April 1st for Canadians ?
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    My parents have a place in California so I have a Canadian and American address linked ot my E-Bay account. It's easy to switch back and forth under "Primary Shipping Address". Nothing changes at checkout, just make sure your primary address is changed to your US address before you win the auction.

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    That's exactly the info I was looking for, thanks to all of you!

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