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Thread: $150+ RC lot for $30 dlvd

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    $150+ RC lot for $30 dlvd

    Here they are...

    UD MVP T. Holt

    Bowman L.Coles
    Impact T.Jones

    UD MVP R.Wayne
    Vanguard Prime Prospects D.McAllister
    Topps M.Bennett
    Topps K.Barlow
    Vintage S.Moss
    Vintage R.Johnson

    Prestige J.Reed
    Leaf R&S S.Bellisari

    MVP C.Simms
    MVP A.Boldin
    MVP L.Suggs
    Topps A.Boldin
    Topps K.Dorsey
    UD J.Gage
    Prestige D.Diedrick
    Prestige B.James
    Prestige T.Gardner
    Bowman K.Dorsey
    Tradition R.Grossman
    Press Pass JE C.Simms
    Score L.Suggs
    MVP Future MVP L.Suggs

    Bowman Chrome B.Perry
    UD T.Harris
    Tradition Gamble/Robinson/Hall
    Press Pass Paydirt M.Clayton
    Score C.Perry
    Hit M.Clayton
    Prestige A.Odom
    Prestige B.Watson
    Prestige C.Watson
    Prestige J.Cotchery
    Prestige J.Morant
    Topps Chrome PP R.Woods
    Topps J.Smoker
    Topps D.Hall
    Topps M.Moore

    Topps D&P F.Gibson
    Tropps Chrome D&P C.Roby
    Bowman A.Rolle
    Bowman A.McPherson
    Bowman Reg.Brown
    Bowman R.Parrish
    Prestige M.Bradley
    Prestige A.Jones
    Prestige R.White
    Score J.Campbell
    Score D.Greene
    Score M.Clayton
    Score M.Bradley
    Score R.White
    Rookie Kickoff JJ Arrington
    Rookie Kickoff M.Bradley
    Topps Total F.Gore
    Press Pass SE T.Williamson
    Hit M.Jones
    Hit T.Williamson
    Hit J.Campbell
    Hit JJ Arrington
    Topps JJ Arrington
    Topps C.Rogers
    Topps F.Gore
    Topps F.Gibson
    Topps R.Parrish
    Topps M.Bradley
    Topps M.Clayton
    Topps Reg.Brown
    Topps A.Jones
    Topps R.White
    Topps B.Jacobs
    Topps E.Shelton

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