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Thread: WTB Utah State Quarter

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    WTB Utah State Quarter

    My basement flooded about 3 inches a few days ago and while going through some boxes to throw anything that got ruined out I found my Fifty State Commemorative Quarter Booklet. I was collecting these with my mom until she passed away in 2006, and now have decided to finally finish the set.

    I am looking for these states. If you have any please post a scan below. I would like to see the condition of the quarter before we make a deal.

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    I work at a convenience store as my second job, so I could keep a lookout for ones in decent shape if they don't have to be in nearly uncirculated condition. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

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    PM sent
    Found multiples of all except Utah. No Utah at all.

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    Need only Utah State Quarter now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengoblin782 View Post
    Need only Utah State Quarter now.
    Do you need a "P" or "D" or it does not matter?


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    Thanks, will use this link if I can't make a deal with anyone on here.

    Quote Originally Posted by NY Sports Teams View Post
    Do you need a "P" or "D" or it does not matter?

    Private message sent.
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