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    Selling off my Reflexxions blue partial set

    Last year, I was in process of doing the Reflexxions blue set /40 until I got sidetracked. I've gotten 43 out of the 50 cards, but no more. Since my luck in getting any closer to finishing the set is diminishing, I took out the Velvet Sky card out (PC) of the set and I am selling the rest. PM me for prices...

    A few of the highlights:

    1-5: Hogan
    6,7: Flair
    8,9: Sting
    10,11: Angle
    37,39: Hogan/Sting
    41,42,46,47,48,49,50: J. Hardy art

    I also have most of the other big names in the set; Styles, RVD, Roode, Storm, Anderson, etc.
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    Pm sent
    Collecting mainly football for now.
    Trying to collect Steelers, and the Patriots.

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    Can I have price for all jeff Hardy card?
    Hi, I'm from France have lot of wwe or tna card to trade for Jeff Hardy cards

    To see my Jeff Hardy collection cards and trade list/sale list :

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