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    Update High-End bucket: Manning, Luck, Brady, Harper, Megatron

    Not looking for anything in particular. I collect Minnesota Twins and Dallas Cowboys, other than that anything that catches my eye

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    I love the adam vinatieri post auto... what value do you have on that?

    I dont have anything directly on your want list but I do have a notable nicknames carlton fisk "pudge" auto in baseball to start off with if you would be interested in that

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    Manning: All I really saw that I could use is the Randy Johnson nickname auto in your PC

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    manning: probably not, I just got it in today after searching for one for about 8 years.

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    cmb for the randall cobb auto. got a couple of pucketts in the gu album. also a few cowboys. thanks

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    mwagner: I can use the Strasburg Chrome auto and I also have a slight interest in the Rodgers artifacts auto

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    Slash: I can use the Von Miller Precision auto. PLMK thanks

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    Could really use the Eli Auto Patch. What is it #/'d to? CMB and see if you can use anything. Know I have a few Cowboys things in there. Also have some others not scanned. Along with a few Twins cards. I will get you a list in a little while.
    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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