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    Easing back into collecting...have these two RG3 patch/autos FT/FS

    Now that I have a JOB I've been slowly picking some pieces up here and there, so I'm back on the boards...have these two for trade or for sale if interested. Looking for high end autos and RC stuff, all three sports. Will check out buckets. Thanks!

    Limited Phenoms 3-Clr Patch/Auto /199 on card $180 OBO

    Bowman Sterling Gold Ref 2-Clr Patch/Auto /66 $210 OBO
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    wtracey84 - hey, what do you have on the LoMo blue and gold and the kobe gold finest rc?

    rednecksims - sorry, didn't see anything I could use, although I do really like the peyton. thanks though!

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    really nice trout, but i didn't see anything that matched up for the RG3

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    sprtsrul11 - I liked some things, but just not for the RG3s

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    Pcmb for both
    bucket: Hidden Content

    rookies: Hidden Content

    inserts, #'d cards, etc: Hidden Content

    #1 Redskins Collector!!!!!!!!!

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