i have these cards to trade for baseball rookies from these sets: bowman chrome,bowman chrome draft,bowmans best,bowman sterling,bowman heritage,topps chrome,topps chrome traded,topps update chrome,topps pristine,topps heritage,upper deck rookie update,upper deck prospect premieres,or serial #'d rookies.

email me at startgame69@aol.com if you're interested in trading for any of these.


04-05 upper deck andre iguodala
04-05 topps chrome emeka okefor
04-05 upper deck diamond pro sigs luke jackson silver
04 press pass emeka okafor #33
04 press pass andris biedrins lottery club insert
04 press pass andris biedrins big numbers insert
04 press pass david harrison
03-04 upper deck victory lebron james
03-04 topps prisitne luke ridnour refractor /1999
03-04 topps pristine jason kapono /999
03-04 topps pristine zoran planinic
03-04 hoops hot prospects chris bosh cream of the crop insert
03-04 skybox LE chris bosh sky's the limit insert
03-04 upper deck reece gaines
03-04 upper deck standing o dahntay jones
03-04 upper deck vicory carlos delfino
03-04 upper deck victory darko milicic
03-04 upper deck victory zoran planinic
03-04 upper deck victory mike sweetney
03-04 upper deck victory t.j. ford
03-04 upper deck victory chris kaman
03-04 upper deck victory reece gaines
03-04 upper deck victory kendrick perkins
03-04 upper deck mvp zarko cabarkapa
03-04 upper deck mvp mike sweetney
03-04 upper deck mvp david west
03-04 upper deck mvp marcus banks
03-04 upper deck mvp zoran planinic
02-03 hoops hot prospects amare stoudemire supreme court insert
02-03 hoops hot prospects juan dixon supreme court insert
02-03 hoops hot prospects jared jeffries supreme court insert
02-03 hoops hot prospects jay williams supreme court insert
02-03 fleer tradition jay williams playground rules insert
02-03 fleer tradition dan dickau playground rules insert
02-03 fleer tradition kareem rush playground rules insert
02-03 fleer tradition marcus haislip playground rules insert
02-03 fleer tradition drew gooden playground rules insert
02-03 fleer tradition yao ming/amare stoudemire/kareem rush
02-03 fleer tradition yao ming/jay williams/mike dunleavy
02-03 fleer tradition yao ming/nikoloz tskitishvili/nene hilario
02-03 fleer tradition drew gooden/amare stoudemire/qyntel woods
02-03 fleer tradition caron butler/emanuel ginobili/marcus haislip
02-03 fleer tradition jay williams/ryan humphrey/qyntel woods
02-03 fleer tradition jared jeffries/juan dixon/drew gooden
02-03 fleer tradition nikoloz tskitishvili/caron butler/juan dixon
02-03 fleer tradition mike dunleavy/nene hilario/casey jacobsen
02-03 fleer tradition emanuel ginobili/tayshaun prince/gordon giricek
02-03 fleer tradition jared jeffries/frank williams/jannero pargo
02-03 fleer tradition chris wilcox/juan dixon/lonny baxter
02-03 fleer tradition chris wilcox/fred jones/bostjan nachbar
02-03 fleer tradition ronald murray/chris owens/smush parker
02-03 fleer tradition roger mason/vincent yarbrough/dan dickau
02-03 fleer tradition melvin ely/marcus haislip/fred jones
02-03 fleer tradition sam clancy/mehmet okur/jamal sampson
02-03 fleer tradition bostjan nachbar/jiri welsch/predrag savovic
02-03 fleer tradition melvin ely/chris jeffries/tito maddox
02-03 fleer tradition dajuan wagner/dan dickau/emanuel ginobili
02-03 fleer tradition dajuan wagner/qyntel woods/tamar slay
02-03 upper deck sweet shot curtis borchardt rookie /999
02-03 topps ten mike dunleavy rookie
01-02 topps chrome pau gasol
01-02 fleer maximum jamal tinsley /1000
01-02 fleer platinum richard jefferson
01-02 fleer authentix eddie curry sweet selections insert
01-02 topps primoz brezec
00-01 topps gold label jamal crawford /1499
00-01 topps stars kenyon martin
00-01 upper deck reserve mike miller
00-01 upper deck reserve darius miles
00-01 upper deck darius miles
00-01 topps darius miles no limit insert
00-01 upper deck mvp jason hart silver signature
00-01 upper deck pros&prospects chris mihm pro motion insert
00-01 fleet futures chris mihm question air insert
00-01 topps stars chris mihm
00-01 fleer futures chris mihm gold /500
00-01 fleer futures etan thomas gold /500
00-01 fleer futures eddie house gold /500
00-01 fleer futures eduardo najera gold /500
00-01 fleer triple crown eduardo najera
00-01 fleer futures sromile swift question air insert
00-01 hoops hot prospects stromile swift rookie headliners insert
00-01 stadium club speedy claxton
00-01 stadium club jason collier
00-01 stadium club joel pryzbilla
00 sage hit primoz brezec gold
00 sage hit hidayet turkoglu
99-00 upper deck hardcourt steve francis
99-00 fleer tradition steve francis
99-00 upper deck shawn marion
99-00 upper deck gold rserve shawn marion /3995
99-00 fleer tradition shawn marion
99-00 topps wally szczerbiak
99-00 upper deck james posey
99-00 flair showcase corey maggette ball of fame insert
99-00 hopps corey maggette
99-00 topps tip off corey maggette
99-00 skybox impact corey maggette
99-00 flair showcase jason terry next insert
99-00 upper deck hologrfx elton brand
99-00 stadium club chrome jonathan bender
99-00 stadium club chrome richard hamilton
99-00 fleer focus jumaine jones /3999
99 press pass steve francis on fire insert
99 collectors edge lee nailon rookie rage
99-00 hoops decade baron davis
99-00 skybox impact ron artest
98-99 upper deck ovation vince carter
98-99 stadium club vince carter wingmen insert
98-99 topps hrome paul pierce
98-99 ultra paul pierce gold medallion
98-99 stadium club paul pierce chrome insert
98-99 topps chrome bonzi wells
98-99 topps chrome antwon jamison
98-99 topps chrome larry hughes
98-99 topps chrome nazr mohammed
98-99 bowmans best mike bibby best performers insert
98-99 ud ionix mike bibby kinetix insert
98-99 upper deck mike bibby
98-99 upper deck peja stojakovic
97-98 topps chrome tracy mcgrady
97-98 topps chrome tracy mcgrady destiny insert
97-98 bowmans best tracy mcgrady
97-98 finest tracy mcgrady PSA 10
97-98 finest tracy mcgrady
97-98 e-x tracy mcgrady
97-98 flair tracy mcgrady row 2
97-98 collectors choice tracy mcgrady
97 press pass tracy mcgrady blue
97-98 topps chrome tim duncan
97-98 bowmans best tim duncan
97-98 upper deck tim duncan rookie discobery insert
97 press pass tim duncan
97 press pass tim duncan netburners insert
97-98 topps chrome keith van horn
97-98 topps chrome ron mercer
97-98 finest ron mercer
97-98 topps chrome derek anderson
97-98 topps chrome maurice taylor
97-98 topps chrome brevin knight
97-98 topps chrome chauncey billups
97-98 topps chrome scott pollard
97-98 topps chrome jacque vaughn
97-98 topps chrome antonio daniels
97-98 topps chrome austin croshere
97-98 topps chrome tim thomas
97 press pass tim thomas lotto insert
97-98 finest tim thomas
97-98 ultra tim thomas rim rockers insert
97-98 fleer keith van horn rookie sensation
97-98 topps tony battie new school insert
97 press pass brevin knight/jacque vaughn one on one insert
96-97 upper deck shareef abdur rahim rookie exclusives insert
96-97 upper deck allen iverson rookie exclusives insert
96-97 ud3 ray allen
96-97 stadium club ray allen rookies1 insert
96-97 fleer stephon marbury rookie sensation
96-97 upper deck kobe bryant
96 spx jerry stackhouse
96 spx antonio mcdyess
96 scoreboard basketball rookies kobe bryant
95-96 fleer kein garnett
95-96 fleer metal kevin garnett
95-96 sp joe smith
95-96 sp jerry stackhouse
95-96 upper deck jerry stackhouse
95-96 fleer metal jerry stackhouse rookie roll call insert
95-96 flair damon stoudamire class of '95 insert
95-96 fleer metal damon stoudamire
95 classic scotty thurman silver signature
94-95 sp jaosn kidd
94-95 topps jason kidd
94-95 upper deck jason kidd
94-95 skybox emotion jason kidd
94-95 fleer jason kidd first year phenoms insert
94-95 flair jason kidd wae of the future insert
94-95 hoops jason kidd magic's all rookie team insert
94-95 hoops jason kidd
94-95 hoops grant hill magic's all rookie team insert
94-95 hoops jalen rose magic's all rookie team insert
94-95 colelctors choice donyell marshall silver signature
94-95 collectors choice lamond murray silver signature
94 classic jason kidd classic picks insert 1 of 12,000
94 classic yinka dare printer's proof 1 of 975
93-94 skybox chris webber draft picks insert
93-94 ultra chris webber
93-94 upper deck chris webber rookie exchange silver
93 classic draft picks chris webber "1993 overall #1 draft pick" 1 of 60,000
93 classic chris webber illustrated 1 of 39,000
93 classic chris webber acetate 1 of 26,000
93 classic 4-sport chris webber acetate 1 of 66,000
93 classic chris webber limited print 1 of 74,500
93 classic 4-sport chris webber power pick 1 of 80,000
93-94 stadium club penny hardaway beam team insert
93-94 upper deck se vin baker electric court gold
93 classic images jamal mashburn chrome 1 of 9750
92-93 ultra shaq all rookie team insert
92-93 upper deck shaq (trade in)
92-93 ultra shaq
92-93 stadium club shaq
92-93 skybox shaq
92-93 hoops shaq
92-93 topps shaq
92-93 fleer shaq
92-93 stadium club latrell spreewell
92-93 stadium club alonzo mourning
92-93 ultra alonzo mourning rejectors insert
92 classic alonzo mourning limited print 1 of 42,000
90-91 fleer glen rice rookie sensations
90-91 fleer david robinson rookie sensation
89-90 hopps kevin johnson
89-90 hoops david robinson


04-05 fleer authentix carmello anthony hot tickets
04-05 fleer authentix kevin garnett show stoppers
04-05 upper deck pro sigs ron artest starting lineup e-card
04-05 upper deck pro sigs dirk nowitzki starting lineup e-card
03-04 upper deck victory michael jordan farewell to a legend
03-04 upper deck victory tracy mcgrady clutch shooters
03-04 upper deck victory john stockton point of difference
03 upper deck superstars vince carter/carlos delgado keys to the city
02-03 fleer tradiiton michael jordan all-star
02-03 fleer showcase vince carter legacy collection /1000
01-02 topps shaq team topps
00-01 topps usa vince carter/tersa edwards side by side dual refractor
00-01 ultra vince carter slam show
00-01 fleer premium vince carter 10th annivincery 1993-1994
00-01 fleer premium vince carter 10th annivincery 1996-1997
00-01 upper deck ovation vince carter center stage
00-01 upper deck mvp vince carter mvp theatre
00-01 upper deck ovation vince carter lead performers
00-01 fleer mystique kobe bryant nbawesome
00-01 upper deck hardcourt kobe bryant court authority
00-01 hoops hot prospects kobe bryant hoops originals
00-01 ud slam kobe bryant air styles
00-01 ud slam kobe bryant slam exam
00-01 fleer futures kevin garnett characteristics
00-01 spx steve francis masters
00-01 topps vince carter/tracy mcgrady combos
00-01 fleer gametime tracy mcgrady attack the rack
00-01 upper deck encore kevin garnett upper realm
00-01 topps gold label corey maggette gold premium /1000
99-00 hoops decade vince carter up tempo
99-00 metal universe vince carter scrapbook
99-00 stadium club chrome kevin garnett true colors
99-00 fleer force tracy mcgrady attack force
98-99 upper deck kevin garnett next wave
98-99 fleer metal universe keith van horn linchpins
98-99 fleer metal universe scottie pipen two for me,zero for you
98-99 spx finite allen iverson radiance /5000
98-99 topps allen iverson cornerstones
98-99 stadium club chris mullin chrome insert refractor
97-98 topps chrome allen iverson topps 40 refractor
97-98 topps chrome shareef abdur rahim destiny refractor
97-98 collectors choice michael jordan memorable moments
96-97 collectors choice michael jordan a cut above #CA6
96-97 collectors choice michael jordan a cut above #CA7
96-97 upper deck michael jordan fastbreak connection
96 upper deck usa michael jordan american made
94-95 stadium club david robinson 1st day production
94-95 flair david robinson scoring power
93-94 skybox michael jordan center stage
93-94 skybox shaq all rookie team
93-94 ultra shaq all rookie team
93-94 upper deck se derrick coleman die cut all stars
93-94 skybox hakeem olajuwon center stage
92-93 upper deck michael jordan SP2
91-92 upper deck michael jordan award winner hologram