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    Chamberlain/Russell Generations Dual Jersey FT

    I'm looking for Jordans in return, preferably GU (Bulls uniform), but I'd consider some really high end inserts. Here's a scan of the card:

    02 - 03 Upper Deck Generations All-Time Authentics Dual Wilt Chamberlain/Bill Russell 31/100

    LMK what you have to offer if you're interested. Thanks.
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    Are you looking for Jordan and Jordan-only? I have an 88-89 Fleer Jordan (BV40) & I realize it would take more than that to get the card, but the only way I could offer more is to offer non-Jordan cards.

    Very nice card you have here for trade tho.

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    BV on that Dual is $250...

    I like it, just don't have enough MJ power to get it

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    $250 is correct sir. If guess a trade wouldn't have to be all Jordan, but I would require that the bulk of whatever I got to be Jordan-centric.

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    Yeah, i have no where near enough to put together a package for it, I was just trying to figure one out using the players he wants in his sig, but i am no where close. :(

    I think you might have trouble moving that card since it books for a quarter of a grand.

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    I think the main deterrent won't be the BV as much as it will be finding someone willing to give up some decent to nice Jordans for it. I mean it's not like Jordan is a slouch in the BV department. But hey, if the worse that will happen is that I'll just continue to hold onto the Chamberlain/Russell then I can live with that.

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    Dang,only jordan i have that books over $20-$30 is incoming Jordan SP Inside Info $60

    I do have around 200 Jordans but most less than $20 each,lol
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    I have this:
    Jordan, Michael 2002-3 UD Generations Reel Time Jersey #MJ-J
    BV 250.00.

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