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Thread: Derrick Rose auto's...

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    Derrick Rose auto's...

    A possible dumb question here and maybe I missed something... but why doesn't drose have any autos this year?
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    so was bynum and he's got a ton
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    Quote Originally Posted by PSteelers18 View Post
    so was bynum and he's got a ton
    Yeah, but D-Rose is actually trying to come back lol

    Good question though about auto cards of him this year though. Last year, they were so short printed you hardly saw any
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    Maybe he doesnt want to sign much, or maybe Panini feels they have to pay to much to get his autographs?
    Same thing with Melo, first 2 years of Panini they released some autos of him, last 1,5 years none!
    I think Panini focuses more on the $1 scrub garbage 100 rookies this year.
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