I was browsing through some of my unsorted cards and found the following. I'd like to trade these as a lot, but I can break it up if need be. I'm looking for a Nolan Ryan I need OR a baseball #'d card of Teixeira, Ripken, ARod, Jeter, Pujols, Mattingly, Maddux, OR a 2005 Zenith Epix insert(s), OR a Zimmerman RC. Also, I could use RC's of Jeter, and other stars. I just want to get rid of these...so PLEASE help me out..! LMK if interested. Thanks, JOSH

1995 Ultra Spider-Man:
Chameleon #15
Doppelganger #20
Judas Traveller #31
Kraven LEGACY #64
Chameleon LEGACY #65
Grim Hunter LEGACY #66
Venom Unlikely Allies #134

1995 Ultra Iceman Sinister Observations Limited Edition #5/10
1995 Ultra Golden Web KRAVEN Limited Edition #4/9

Cookie Crisp set Marvel Comics
Green Goblin X 2
Peter Parker
Venom X 2

1994 Stargate #'s 30, 41, 45, 76, 80
1994 Stargate Game Tips #TS-7

Stargate Game Card #1 of 12

1993 TEK WORLD Proto Type #2