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Thread: Writing to foreign players

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    Writing to foreign players

    Hey guys- I'm new to the forum and to TTM autographs. I just sent out my first batch for ST a few weeks ago, just waiting on responses.

    One odd question I was curious about was if when you write to a foreign born player, do you write just in English or do you translate any part of the letter for them? Just a thought I had when I was going through some of my recent cards.

    I was wanting to write to Shin-Soo Choo and a few others, but didn't know if it would be helpful at all to translate the letter. Sorry if this was an odd or rude question, just curious. Thanks for the insight!

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    I would have 1 translated and 1 not. MY OPINION!
    Good Luck!
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    english on one side, native language on the other. in the foreign language one i usually put something like "hope this makes sense. i used google translator to write it" :)

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    English only for me, unless you fluently write or speak the other language. Think about how many spam emails you get in broken english, and those probably used google translator or babelfish.
    To be honest, there are very few current players who actually read the letter, in my mind.
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    I wrote a letter to Yoenis Cespedes in spanish, but i know a decent bit of the language and i didn't over complicate it. Plus i was able to have a fluent speaker check the grammar for me. If you know anyone who can help you write the letter, that would be really cool, but if not its fine to write in english. Im sure that they may know enough english to understand the purpose behind the letter. Hope this helps

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    Forget the language issue, my problem is postage. This is a dilemma for hockey fans. I wanna get an autograph of some former NHLers who retired and now live in Europe but how are you supposed to get stamps from Sweden or Finland or Czech Republic etc.

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    Use IRC for the return postage. As for as postage on the envelope sending, take it to the post office rather than affix regular postage.

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