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Thread: Early 90s Upper Deck Inserts

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    Early 90s Upper Deck Inserts

    Hi everyone... I'm working on master sets of Upper Deck hockey from the 90s to now and I'm wondering why there are so few of certain inserts available online.

    Specifically the 1992-93 World Junior Grads and the 1993-94 NHL's Best, Future Heroes, Programme of Excellence and most importantly, the Award Winners.

    I know the WJGs were in Canadian Jumbo packs only or something, were these just produced in smaller quantities or something?

    The 1993-94 Award Winners are another story though. With these, I've only ever seen the Chelios Norris Trophy in person (I have 2 - one pack pulled in 1993 and the other came in a large lot).

    Help! This is getting worse than the 1994-95 Leaf Gold Stars!

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    There's a few issues with those cards.....

    Some of them, like the WJ Grads, you nailed it. They were only available in specific packs - so I suspect there are less of them than other UD inserts from the same year.

    I think the other problem is lack of demand. I know when I was putting together a Future Heroes set a couple years ago, they were tough to find. I remember needing the Lindros & Mogilny to finsih the set. My LCS actually had boxes of 93-94, and I got lucky and pulled the Lindros (wanted a base set anyway - so it was a good purchase) but it took me a couple of months to find a copy of the Mogilny. When it finally did surface, I got it for 99 cents + shipping.

    I think the dealers sitting on those cards don't bother listing them, becuase they don't see even a small chance of getting much back for them.

    Most of those cards though, they're not particularly rare. If you keep looking, they'll show up eventually.
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    I have some of those if you need them. Pm me if you want them
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    I think many collected cards and stop so there may be many sitting in closet. Also many have them and simply do not bother. I started latly to list some 90's insert but still have more to add in the inventory but mine are more 1990 and 91. But If I list them then I end up trading for some of them. Since I still have many cards to list I prefer to list the most recent stuff first.
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    I have an Award Winners of Pierre Turgeon, card #AW7
    Looking for: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Main PC), Erik Karlsson (Secondary PC)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardscardscards View Post
    I have an Award Winners of Pierre Turgeon, card #AW7
    Already have that one. Thanks though

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    I remember looking for the Felix Potvin Future Heroes card from that 93-94 set for almost 10 years because nobody was offering it online, but I eventually found an auction and completed my set. Gotta be patient with some of these sets.

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    I, too, have been trying to complete some older early 90s sets (mostly stuff that brings back memories of collecting with my brother from my childhood), and I have had a lot of success just by posting my wants on the forums. The SCF Inventory also helped me connect with a few traders who had some set killers I needed.
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