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    Freshly updated bucket for trade

    Looking for anything but main things are below
    demarcus ware anything i dont have and maybe some doubles
    morris claiborne
    2012 prestige destination city numbers 1, 3, 16, 24, 30
    2012 topps pink inserts/399
    2012 elite hard hat acetates
    cheap lettermen letters D, Y, V

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    I'm interested in your:
    Brian Dawkins Pink Captain Patch
    John Elway Mammoth JSY
    Miles Austin Fleer RC


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    All are being updated....

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    I've got a Nick Toon '12 Topps pink border xxx/399, a couple of Draft City Destinations and Morris Claiborne (primarily Platinum base, orange refractors and possibly an X-fractor). Have to wait to check for sure until I get home from work. Can't check bucket either due to company network. PM me if potentially interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluecody View Post
    may be interested depending on what you need
    Here's what I've got: Nick Toon Topps pink
    border 166/399
    Draft City Destination #5 Doug Martin
    Morris Claiborne Platinum base RC
    Orange Refractor
    Strata retail base RC

    My first pick for trade would be: Russell Wilson Rookie Stallions (go big or go
    home right?)

    2nd choices if you have these: a nice Platinum #150 Luck
    Strata hobby 6 Tannehill, 24 Irvin, 62 McClellan
    107 Given, 112 Pead, 116 Allen
    (just looking to finish off a couple of sets)

    Would really like to work out something for the Wilson and my set needs if you are interested and able.
    Don't have a huge collection but let me know.

    I have a post titled "random cards for random trades" that have a few other cards listed.

    I do have extra Platinum rookies, orange refractors, X-fractors, Strata retail rookies, Prime retail rookies to add if it helps. Also have a few '96 Bowmans Best for trade. And an AJ Jenkins Platinum black refractor.

    PM works best if that's alright.
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    All i really can use is the pink border and dont have any of your needs so i think ill pass on a trade for now but thanks for the offer bump tonight

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