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Thread: biigest surpricse?

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    biggest surprise?

    whats the highest bv on a card u never thought would be taht high??

    well I have two

    ONE is a ud 2002 david carr bv 25... didnt think that a basic base card would be worth much... except for the title star rookie

    another one is for a price that just came out and thats for 2003 fleer authentix...

    i pulled a lower level booster card (4 in one card) this is of Willis McGAhee I NEVER KNEW IT WOULD BE 20!!! so that was really surprising.. so i wanna here what everyone else surpise has been

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    Re: biigest surpricse?

    Originally posted by billsfan2006
    biigest surpricse?
    it was a pretty big surprise to me that you speak German? or is that Russian?

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    Heyas and no. There are no editing of titles but we get the jist. hehe. Now if you are talking about cards in general and not actually having them, then I would have to say I am surprised that the 2001 SP Authentic Michael Vick Jsy Auto RC got as high as it did at the outragious price of $1400. hehe. There are other ones out there but that is one of the biggest IMO. :)


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    I don't know about most valuable card but I will tell you a card I never thought would go as low as it did.
    My Nolan Ryan rookie. Down more than a thousand dollars in the last 10 years.

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    I think those are pretty decent pulls!!! And for everyone I was the one who actually bought the packs. I better go buy some packs and hope to get lucky!!

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    Well I pulled a 2000 Upper Deck MVP GOLD Prosign Torry Holt Auto 15/25 in 2000 and thought it was the regular auto BV$35. Until 2002 I was looking on ebay and found out it was the GOLD one BV$80!!!!

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    I got a Yogi Berra auto EXCH from 03 Yankee Signature Series. I thought it would be $35. It booked at $50 :D


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    My best card so far has been a UD MVP Game Used ball of Brett Favre. I knew when I got it it was going to be a top card in that series, and it is..$40, only one card was equal and that was Vick. So I'm happy. I like it so much I might not part with it.

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