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Thread: name your player

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    name your player

    i am goin 2 some card shows, if u want 2 name the player or card that u are looking 4 and i will keep a look out 4 it........lmk thanx******note:once u have sent a email or pm saying that u will buy the card, the deal is final, u will recieve a bad feedback if u dont send payment......this is so i dont end up with a bunch of cards i dont want.........
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    Hey man if you pick up any cheap jeffries LMK and ill pay ya for them. or if ya pull any

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    im goin this friday 2 the card shows, but i know that my local hobby shop has a couple i think he has thease
    sweetshots sig shots
    champ drive jer
    spx auto/jer
    if u can tell me how much u will pay 4 each ill see if i can get them 4 u thanx

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    i have the auto/jers and the champ drive is coming soon Ill LYK soon about the otha thanks

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    ok thanx, if u have any other jefferies that u need just make me a list, then i can keep a look out 2 them

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    hey get me any GU or auto under 10 and ill pay you for them.

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    ok what range of bv do u want 4 the regular game used b/c u can get low booking gu/autos 4 very cheep thanx

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