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    2005 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Group Break

    2005 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection
    -4 packs per box
    -Average of 2 Autographs and 3 Memorabilia cards per box

    Price is $250 delivered to your door

    We have 1 spot remaining for this break.

    Box 1: McFarlaneRuss21
    Box 2: Haybierman
    Box 3: Dukeboy73
    Box 4:

    Please PM if you would like the remaining box.


    p.s. I will be organizing a 2004 Leaf Certified Materials break tommorow, so keep your eyes peeled.

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    Good luck everyone I look forward to reading what you guys got.

    I would bust a box, but 250 is outta my range tho.

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    Yeah, Kenyon did but has not responded to the PM or posted so at this point it is open to anyone who wants it.


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    Man I might take it just the last box just to get this thing moving!

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    Alright Russ, I'll take 2 boxes. Lets do this thing!

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    Sorry guys had to spend some money for class trip and would need 2 weeks to get up 250. BEST of luck to you all I hope you all pull something huge. Russ ill def. be taking some boxes of LCM though so ill keep my eyes peeld for that.

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