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    Best Place For UFC Hobby Boxes?

    where are the best ufc hobby boxes purchased from? i know its mostly random but i just bought 2 hobby boxes and i have to say i was not impressed by your performance as gsp would say haha. in you're opinion where is the best place to buy? (if there is one)

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    Best Boxes I ever got were from my LCS, Blowout cards also got me some nice hits.

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    thanks. think i'll try blowout. the LCS over here does not carry UFC cards.

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    Yeah, my LCS only get's a case when a product first comes out and that's that. But for some reason boxes are loaded, Blowout has great prices and I've never had a dud box yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capone87 View Post
    thanks. think i'll try blowout. the LCS over here does not carry UFC cards.
    Same here, no UFC at my LCS. Ordered a couple series 4 boxes from BO when they were on sale for $35. Pulled a Hughes diamond base parallel 1/1. I've had pretty good luck with BO.

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    Nice. I bought a box of 2011 finest and a box of MOT and my hits were very weak.

    Koch finest auto, mitrione finest moments auto
    Kock relic, Cain relic /188 (best card IMO).

    Then for MOT I pull the guy who just got his jaw split in half by mark hunt. Haha. Struve auto, bisping relic and an Anderson Silva/Chael sonnen dual relic (best card- Silva PC)

    Definitely didnt get my moneys worth but i'm going to try blowout cards next. I think I'll try series 4 or title shot. I want to pull a sick auto.

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    I buy all my cases from blowout and i usually do pretty well.

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    I purchase from dave and adams cardworld ( )sometimes. I've had decent luck with them. Just broke two boxes of 2012 ufc finest from them and pulled an octofractor /8 of cain velasquez and a red refractor 1/1 of joseph benavidez out of the boxes.

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    im seeing a lot of lcs not stocking up on ufc its a shame mma trading cards are taking over

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