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Thread: Clearance...

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    Looking to clear out my remaining baseball from my tradepage.
    Plmk if interested...I'll do pretty much whatever it takes.
    Especially for football GU and/or autos.

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    id be intrested in the alex rodrigurz rc's (all of them) and the barry bonds gu bat, lmk

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    Maybe I missed it, but I didnt see any football on you tradepage.
    What were you wanting to trade?

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    I would like to buy any Snow or Edmonds. Thanks!

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    Dont have any Edmonds listed but may have some.
    Will ahve to check and PM you.

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    i'm also interested in the a-rod's. have lots of football to trade...check my trade list and site.

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    Can you help me w/the bv of the arods...
    the 95 CollChoice SE Silver is $6, the 94 UD #398 is $5,
    no sure at all what the 94 action packed is.

    I like to trade for your 05 Leaf T.Dorsett jsy card...$15bv if I
    read my beckett right.


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    i could use the griffey jr 89 topps traded. only football auto i have is a casey clausen 04 sage #ed194/650. have some football listed on my site. if interested in anything lmk thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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