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Thread: 05-06 Topps Chrome(need all)

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    05-06 Topps Chrome(need all)

    Looking for anything from 05-06 Topps Chrome looking to make a master set Including Jerseys and Parallels, Autos and Parallels, and any refractors. Dont have much so please list what you have. Take a look at my site for possible trades.

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    i have these
    black refractors Deron Williams f/s /399
    black refractors j.r. smith /399
    refractor mike james/999
    refractor Kevin Garnett/999
    refractor Ben Gordon/999
    refractor Brevin knight/999
    refractor jermaine oneal/999

    Rcs...175,228,265,187,272,249,207,232,179,199,224, 256
    and about 35 commons/stars

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    got these base cards.
    05-06 Topps Chrome
    #'s 5,13,21,25,26,31,34,40,51,60,62,63,70,73,77,85,86, 92,100,104,106,112
    113,114,136,140,142,145,148,152,153,161,199,206,20 8,214,222,226,234,236
    238,246,260,267,272 LMk the cards that you need. I'm mainly looking to trade
    for Earls or to sell 10 cents a card plus shipping. LMk thanks

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    Hi, I got these two Game-Used
    Tim Duncan Hardwood Heroes /400
    Mehmet Okur Second Unit REF /99

    I've got tons of commons too, if you wanna let me know what you need. I like these:
    SP Authentic RC Lofa Tatupu #ed 425 of 750 #147
    Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor LaDainian Tomlinson #ed 201 of 250 #94
    Metal Emerald- Trajan Langdon #167

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    I have tons if you are looking to buy as I didnt see much on your site. LMK

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    Flex: I need these let me know if you can use anything from me.
    All Refractors except B.Knight
    Rcs 175,228,265,272,249,199,224
    and about 35 commons/stars(could u pm me a list or post these please)

    TheBry: I could use these let me know what you like from me.
    5,13,21,25,26,31,34,40,51,62,63,70,73,77,85,86,92, 100,104,106,113,114,136,140,142,148,152,153,161,19 9,206,208,222,226,236,246,260,267,272

    Banks: Hey accidently posted our other trade as completed while trying to do something else, sorry but havent recieved yet. I am interested in your list of commons. And I need the two jerseys.

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    Guru: Interested in buying, please post or pm me a list. Thanks

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    I have these rc's. Looking for yao mings, 98 Sp authentics, or will sell. lmk

    173, 185, 209 237, 254

    Sean May RC Refractor
    Anthony Wilkins NBADL RC Refractor

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    hooperstar1- I am mainly looking to sell those at 10 cents a card that would total $3.90 plus shipping. total is $8.50. LMk if you can do this. there is 39 cards so it's going to cost a little bit more. thanks
    Yaofan11- can I just pay you the money that I owe you in box tops? PLMK and I would greatly appreciate it if I could. I would have enough by the end of the month. if not then I'm fine with that.
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    The list is too long. Do you have a want list? LMK

    Quote Originally Posted by Hooperstar1
    Guru: Interested in buying, please post or pm me a list. Thanks
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