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    My day at the show.. Packer pickups

    I was very happy with these. I didnt think Ringo and McGee had autos.


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    cools card, too bad they don't do more on the card autographs like that anymore.

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    Yeah those two cards are from the best set out there. Hands down. Beats 1999 elite Passing the torch autos, 2000 UD game jersey greats, 2000/2001 Sp authentic.


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    hey brotha, pulled an 04 Prime Signatures Bronze Proof Javon Walker Auto /133. Wanted to give u first crack at it. let me know.

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    javon walker is a loser no doubt. actually he's worse than a scrub. he makes TO look like an angel

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    I dont think so. I think hes gonna put up some solid #'s this year.

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    Thanks for the offer but Walker will not be comming back to GB and I refuse to get into his cards either.


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    he might. but i'm i die hard packer fan and he F'd us big time. hes not worth what he's asking. if he put up another solid year like 2004 i would say he's worth it. but he's had one good year and he's pulling a TO. at least TO established himself before asking for more money. javons a good player though. i hope we get a first rounder from dever otherwise his should ride the bench.

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