Alright guys, im tired of these collecting dust and im ready to move them to people who can make better use of them than myself. Here are the prices ill post 10 at a time and replace the ones that sell with others. PM me or post and lets make some deals. Thanks, Mike
Rob Gronkowski Exquisite Small scratch on back $110

Philip Rivers SPA $175

Jimmy Graham National Treasures $60

Andre Roberts Exquisite $18

Wes Welker Contenders $95

Josh Freeman National Treasures $160

Matt Forte Exquisite $110


Knowshon Moreno National Treasures $20

DeMaryius Thomas Exquisite $110

Steven Jackson 2004 SPA $75

Arian Foster Bowman Sterling $90

DeMarco Murray Exquisite $95

Antonio Brown SPA $16

Dustin Keller Exquisite $20

LeSean McCoy SPA $70

Pierre Garcon Contenders $19

HaKeem Nicks SPA $22

Josh Freeman SPA $55

DeMaryius Thomas Contenders $65

Cam Newton SPA $300

Tony Romo SPA $200

Chris Johnson Contenders $65